Located in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales, B2B Thoroughbred’s is home some of Australia’s finest quality broodmares.

Owner Ricky Surace and the B2B team pride themselves on the their ability to meticulously mate mares to stallions to past generation pedigrees, in turn contributing to the makeup of a potential champion.

B2B’s selected team comprises of both seasoned and youthful members stepping into key roles leading with the ability to work within all aspects of the operation. With their combined experience, knowledge and ambition they’re always searching to advance business operations and are continually challenging the status quo. In turn at all times focusing on producing the finest results which we are excited to showcase at all major yearling sales throughout the year.


Long before officially establishing an onsite operation in 2019, Sydney businessman Ricky Surace saw the excitement of creating his own breeding masterpiece. Ricky accepted that challenge of searching for the perfect property (whilst continuously upgrading his exclusive broodmare band & shares in group winning stallions) in the picturesque bustling Southern Highlands where the operation would be in close proximity to renowned stud farms, about 1 hour 15 minutes from Sydney CBD and just 6km from Bowral, making it the perfect location. Once acquiring the renowned Midwood property, careful planning commenced showing close attention to detail to ensure every part of the 160 acreage property could be utilised. Construction of the multifaceted operation commenced in 2019 and was completed in 2023 comprising of proportionary sized paddocks, yards & yearling runs, broodmare barn, yearling barn, infirmary unit, nightwatch residence with visuals to almost the entire property, state of art CCTV & lighting control systems, arena style parade area, staff accomodation, walkers and much more clearly exhibiting Ricky’s passion to succeed and the lead in the breeding industry.

Standing alongside Ricky are an energized team of fledging, receptive and focused men and women (in gender equality roles) who are all focused in wanting to lead the industry, in conjunction with sharing the same strive and passion for the Australian racehorse industry.

Horse Safety

B2B’s first priority to ensure that all activities on farm are undertaken with the upmost safety and quality.

All staff share in the commitment to improving safety in all facets of the operation. B2B believe that Work Health and Safety creates a positive business image in the eyes of stakeholders and the community alike. Implementing a structured management system allows B2B to use policies and procedures as a tool to minimise waste, increase productivity in the workplace and reduce the number of errors or workplace incidents.

Our team are consulted and trained by external & internal skilled professionals to broaden their knowledge in all areas of safety, quality and environmental with the aim of continual improvement. Actively implementing systems is a top priority in the workplace and more importantly contributing to reduce horse related injuries and statistics.

Our Purpose

Our purpose at B2B Thoroughbred’s simply is to produce exceptional racehorses, providing an opportunity for the public to prospectively buy into a piece of racing history due to our wealth of breeding knowledge and the pedigrees that back up our Yearlings each and every year.

Contact Us

For all inspection & media enquiries please contact Kelly Stevenson. For general and all other enquiries please complete the form.

Kelly Stevenson
+61 456 442 156 or email

+61 (2) 9481 8848

Midwood, 411 Old South Road
Mittagong NSW 2575

Postal Address:
PO Box 1057, Castle Hill NSW 2154